Author Visit by Akhtar Hussain

Author Visit Tomorrow evening, we shall be welcoming Akhtar Hussain, author of "Spotlight on Multicultural Britain", to the Manchester Muslim Writers. His latest publication is a collection of essays that are quite wide-ranging in their subject matter. He originally...

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Author Visit: Salman Al-Azami

On Friday December 30th 2016, we shall be welcoming academic author Salman Al-Azami to the Manchester Muslim Writers. This is the first time he will be visiting MMW and we hope, inshallah, that it will be the first of many visits. Salman Al-Azami recently published a...

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Chorlton Book Festival 2016!

Hey , we're going to be part of this year's Chorlton Book Festival! What's happening? We're still very much in the planning phase for the 2016 bash, but it's likely that we will run a special one-off type event during the festivities. Per usual, we shall be meeting on...

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The Descendants (a poem) – Remembering Srebrenica 2015

The Descendants   A pendulum broken, Collapsed – Time laid its head on concrete slab, Raked a hand among the fields, hid in whispering Riverbeds - a cello strums Strauss Over blooming lily hills, caught by wind, Carried to the still, asleep within the forests...

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We’re always looking for new friends – writers who are seeking others to critique their work and to improve their craft. Writing can be a lonely existence as, necessarily, the art of writing demands a lot of solitary time to write. Reaching out to other writers can be a lifeline to many. Contact us today and learn more about what we do.

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