On Friday December 30th 2016, we shall be welcoming academic author Salman Al-Azami to the Manchester Muslim Writers. This is the first time he will be visiting MMW and we hope, inshallah, that it will be the first of many visits.¬†Salman Al-Azami recently published a non-fiction book entitled “Religion in the Media: a Linguistic Analysis“. This book does not simply focus on the depiction of Muslims in the media, but also at how other Abrahamic faiths are represented in the media.

What we shall cover

During the Author Visit, we shall be asking Salman Al-Azami about the inspiration for writing this piece of non-fiction, what challenges he faced along the way, and of course, what his findings were. We shall also explore his journey as a writer and what other writers can learn from his personal experience. A book such as this is certainly timely and it will be interesting, to say the least, to explore his findings and their significance as well as whether further research, if any, is required and what he intends to do as a consequence.

Contacting Salman Al-Azami

Salman Al-Azami is active on social media. You can find him on both Twitter and Facebook; simply tap/click each of the links.

About MMW

At MMW, we cover non-fiction as well as fiction. Muslims possibly figure more heavily in academic text than in fiction; the representation of Muslims in fiction leaves much to be desired as sadly, Muslims are reduced to predictable tropes.


Book Cover: Religion in the Media