Hey¬†, we’re going to be part of this year’s Chorlton Book Festival!

What’s happening?

We’re still very much in the planning phase for the 2016 bash, but it’s likely that we will run a special one-off type event during the festivities. Per usual, we shall be meeting on the last Friday of the month…more information, dates, times to come…

What can we expect?

Expect the unexpected! The event isn’t until the winter and that gives us plenty of time to gather ideas and plan ahead for what will be a great Manchester Muslim Writers occasion. However, you can be pretty sure that the regulars, such as Zahid Hussain, Hafsah Aneela Bashir, Aisha Mirza, Shahid Iqbal Khan, Ali Raza Ilyas and many others will be there! So, not one to miss. And, of course, as ever, we shall be meeting at Chorlton Library!

But hey, what is the Chorlton Book Festival?

Well, firstly, we should let you know that this is the 12th (yes, the 12th!) Chorlton Book Festival and it has become quite a little tradition locally in ¬†South Manchester. The Chorlton Book Festival Twitter profile gives a little more information about this year’s festival:

Our 12th Chorlton Book Festival 18th- 26th Nov 2016 – Manchester’s most literary suburb invites you to celebrate with us.

It is very much a moveable feast. However, expect the usual goodies of storytelling for children, the presence of local authors and budding writers, and of course small and delightful events scattered throughout the area to entice readers, writers and the curious!

This year’s Chorlton Book Festival is going to be the biggest and best so far. We recommend you come along and experience it for yourself, not just to the Manchester Muslim Writers event, but to the many wonders that we’re helping to plan to showcase local literary talent and share our love for all things literature.