Peace. And welcome to our new web site and blog.

It’s amazing when I look back to the day we launched the Manchester Muslim Writers, back in 2009. A lot has happened in the intervening years. I ask myself if Muslims are more a part of the tapestry for British life and I sense that the answer is unexpectedly ‘no’. When politicians seek to overturn the Human Rights Act the world feels quite surreal. Who would have thought the world would like this in 2015, eh?

This upgrade to the old web site was overdue and its purpose is multi-fold. We want to provide essential information for those seeking to attend MMW meetings, but we want to do something totally new this time. We also want to showcase the literary talent of Muslim writers directly on this blog. Therefore, we are actively seeking submissions from writers. However, for those who simply cannot make it to our circles, due to geographic or other barriers, we will consider submissions.

The updated web site is an opportunity for us to renew ourselves and find more voices that resonate with the zeitgeist; too many Muslim voices are silenced and we are seeking to share them, raise the volume, and ensure that they do get heard.

So, keep following these blogs. Each blog’s author will be duly credited and appropriate links added so that you can continue to read the author’s work elsewhere too. That was, after all, the whole purpose of setting up the Manchester Muslim Writers in the first place. There are thousands of Muslim writers right here in the Britain and more further afield. Let’s go out and find them and read their stories.

Author: Zahid Hussain

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